Leh Van Thanh? Taxi Driver Who Hit Diana's Car Speaks Out About Deadly Accident That Happened 25-Years-Ago

The driver of the fiat that clipped the Mercedes Benz carrying Princess of Wales Diana 25 years ago is ready to talk about the incident publicly. But Le Van Thanh, the former taxi driver, is demanding €500,000 to talk what exactly happened on that night stating that nothing is free.

"Nothing is free in life. You pay €500,000 for me to talk," he told Radar Online.

Le Van Thanh
Le Van Thanh Twitter

Multiple investigations into Diana's death have revealed how Van Than's Fiat Uno careered into the black Mercedes S280 and hurtled it into the thirteenth pillar of Paris' Pont de l'Alma tunnel. Diana and two other passengers were killed, according to Radar.

Thanh Demands Money To Reveal Details About The Tragic Incident

In 2006, Thanh's father Francois claimed that the Fiat was painted red hours after the accident. Thanh's woke his mechanic brother at the midnight asking him to paint the car.

When the outlet asked Thanh about that night, he said, "I want the money before... I already told you I don't speak for free."

Thanh Was Instructed To Not Speak To Britain's Police

French police had instructed Than to not speak to Britain's prosecutor's in London, according to the 2019 book 'Diana: Case Solved' which included investigator Dylan Howard's conversation with Than.

Thanh has refused to speak to the police detailing that this is not his job although they have tried to get his help.

The former driver was also warned that laws aren't same in Britain as France.

He also believes that let people think what people want indicating that the multiple conspiracy theories for the death of Diana, Dodi, and their driver, Henri Paul, who was intoxicated during the time of the incident.

Thanh Now Runs A Limousine Firm

Thanh, who trains at a gym in Paris, now runs a limousine firm. By training at the gym, he is preparing for his entry into national and global championships.

In 2018, Thanh's lawyer claimed that his client had nothing to do with the accident that resulted in the death of Diana and led to the worldwide grief, changing the lives of British royals forever.