Legendary boxer Jake LaMotta dies at age of 95

The boxing legend had been through a roller-costar life, which was portrayed in a Hollywood movie starring Robert De Niro in 1980.

Jake LaMotta
[File Photo] Former middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta poses in New York Reuters

Jake LaMotta, the real-life "Raging Bull" has passed away at the age of 95, as reported by the Independent.

The passing away of the legendary boxer was confirmed by his wife, Denise Baker. She revealed that LaMotta died due to pneumonia complications in a nursing home after his conditions deteriorated in the last few weeks.

TMZ claims LaMotta was put on a feeding tube, which was not accepted by the boxer, who kept pulling it out. Due to this, his condition got even worse in the last few days and a decision was made to withdraw the tube as per the report.

"I just want people to know, he was a great, sweet, sensitive, strong, compelling man with a great sense of humour, with eyes that danced," Baker told TMZ.

His family and relatives paid tribute to the legend. His daughter Christi LaMotta in the remembrance of her father published a Facebook post.

The boxing great had started his boxing career 1941, after being rejected from U.S military due to medical issues. He came to the spotlight in 1943 when he claimed his victory over Sugar Ray Robinson, another boxing legend from the same era.

History says that in 1951, the last match between LaMotta and Robinson is known as the boxing version of Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. A fifteen round match was ended within thirteen round as LaMotta failed to defend himself from the heavy-weight punches. But still refused to surrender in front on his rival.

The former middleweight champion has a record of 106 fights, 83 wins, 30 knockouts, 19 losses and 4 draws. He is considered as one of the top ten middle-weight of all time.

In the year of 1980, Martin Scorsese made his Oscar-winning biographical movie "Raging Bull", based on the real-life events of LaMotta. This movie replicated the roller-costar life of the legend and starred Robert De Niro as the reel-life LaMotta.