Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

'Legend of the Blue Sea' star Lee Min Ho is rumoured to return for the second sequel of "City Hunter" along with Park Shin Hye. Yes, this time the "Heirs" star Park Shin Hye will be joining him and not Park Min Young.

However, Park Min Young is not returning to the show. However, these are just rumors, as neither the stars nor the producers confirmed anything. Rather, Lee Min Ho is currently very busy shooting for his famous K-drama "Legend of the Blue Sea."

Lee Min Ho solidified his position in the K-drama industry with his unprecedented success of "Legend of the Blue Sea" with a huge popularity and fan following among the viewers from all across the world.

As things are not officially out, nothing much can be said but one thing is for sure, the mere idea of returning Lee Min Ho in "City Hunter" will be breaking all the records that he had achieved till date.

Korea Portal reported thaat there are clamours for Legend of the Blue Sea centering on the rumours concerning Lee MinHo, Jun Ji-hyun and Suzy Bae. There are also rumours arising that the Gu Family Book star wants Jun Ji-hyun to place a distance between herself and Lee Min Ho, the report says.

The reports also state that allegedly the chemistry of the main stars "Legend of the Deep Blue Sea" is so strong that different issues and controversies are building up. The reports further add that over the time, it has gained the acceptance of the viewers and garnered positive results as well.

However, fans are way too busy with "Legend of the Blue Sea". They are currently only hooked to the episodes of the famous K-Drama and debunked the rumors of him returning to "City Hunter".

Yet, till things are officially confirmed, fans can just keep their fingers crossed.