Legend Of The Blue Sea Vs Goblin : Gong Yoo Beats Lee Min Ho

The new Korean drama Goblin is already a hit and is breaking all records.

Goblin (Youtube)

The new Korean drama Goblin is already a hit and is breaking all records. It is giving a tough competition to Legend of the Blue Sea. This is mainly because both are led by Korea's two biggest TV stars Lee Min Ho and Train to Busan's Gong Yoo.

According to Soompi, "Goblin is crushing it in viewer ratings, climbing to third place on tvN's all-time most-viewed drama rankings in just three episodes.

Though the two famous Korean dramas are aired on separate days and on different time slots; according to the reports the two series have ignited competition among the fans.

According to MobileNApps, Legend of the Blue Sea topped the "TV Hot Issue" section for Korean dramas. And, this chart is based on the social media buzz that each show gets worldwide.

However, Legend of the Blue Sea's current score is 4,315 points, and reportedly the TVN show got 7,449 points when it premiered last weekend which means the SBS series' current points is almost half of Goblin's

Moreover, the points broke the records compared to this year's other Korean dramas.

According to The Bitbag, the globally popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun reportedly reached only 5,518 points. While other shows like Answer Me 1988 and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds got 5,260 and 4,720 points respectively.

According to the reports, Goblin's effective marketing and PR team helped it to get a successful debut. However, it also grabbed the attention because of Gong Yoo, undoubtedly.

Gong Yoo who starred in the movie Train said that he became more anxious about Goblin than the movie. He said: "I was more nervous about this than the movie premiere."

With the way Goblin is climbing up the rating, it is uncertain whether Legend of the Blue Sea will be able to regain its position.

The romantic drama started with high expectations especially because it was a huge TV comeback of Min Ho.

This article was first published on December 11, 2016