Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun star together in The Legend of the Blue Sea Reuters

Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun's new fantasy drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea will return with its third episode on SBS on 23 November at 22:00 (KST). In the show, Suzy Bae's boyfriend plays a genius conman and the 34-year-old actress reprises the role of a mermaid.

Where to watch online

Korean fans of the series can tune to TV . Guchill to watch the latest episode. Viewers from around the globe can watch the comedy-drama series live online via AQ Stream.

Meanwhile, the production staff of The Legend of the Blue Sea described the ordeals Ji Hyun had to go through to create the mermaid character. A source said: "Bringing a mermaid to life is no easy task – the actor has to perform underwater and then work has to be done in post-production. For many of her scenes Jun Ji Hyun needed to act as if swimming in deep water was natural and easy, with relaxed facial expressions. For the role, Jun Ji Hyun trained in swimming beforehand."

"To make her job more difficult, the CGI that needed to be added later meant that she had to perform in a green chroma mermaid suit. Despite the lack of oxygen, the water pressure, and potential hypothermia, Jun Ji Hyun impressed the staff with her dedication to her craft," the insider added.