'Legend of the Blue Sea' star Lee Min-Ho sells out 6,000 fan meet tickets in seconds

MYM Entertainment said in a statement,"He is very excited for the impending event."

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

Korean actor Lee Min Ho made his position rock-solid in the K-drama industry with his amazing acting skills in the popular SBS drama 'Legend of the Blue Sea'. This time the actor even proved his immense popularity by selling out thousands of tickets in no time for his upcoming event of meet-and-greet.

Reportedly, after the tickets went on sale on January 17, around 6,000 tickets were sold out in no time at all. In fact, in a few seconds 6,000 tickets were sold out after the ticket purchasing system went online. Fans made sure that they get the ticket as early as possible, as the star is due to enlist soon and they don't want to miss this opportunity to meet the 29-year-old star.

The event is to take place on February 18- 19 at the Kyung Hee University and it is expected that the actor will unveil a different side of him in the event which is not known to many. This will be the starting of the multi-nation fan meeting tour.

MYM Entertainment said in a statement as cited by Yonhap News agency: "In the midst of his busy schedule, Lee takes time to participate in the preparation process." It further added, "He is very excited for the impending event."

Currently, Lee Min Ho is busy with his SBS fantasy drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea" with Jun Ji Hyun. The drama is soaring high and receiving high ratings continuously. This 20-episode mermaid drama is Lee Min Ho's last project before he enlists as a public service officer, reported a Korean newsoutlet News Nate.

Reportedly, the actor was prohibited from the common military service due to a severe car accident he had in 2006 and in 2011 while filming "City Hunter," the SBS drama. According to the reports, half of the vehicle Lee Min Ho was in was crushed.

This article was first published on January 24, 2017