'Legend of the Blue Sea' Spoilers: Shocking death of major character in upcoming episode 19

In the upcoming episode it is expected that Tae Oh and Chi Si Ah will have more scenes together

Legend of the blue sea
Legend of the blue sea (SBS/Youtube)

The SBS mermaid series "Legend of the Blue Sea" episode 19 will unveil all the events that are to happen after the arrest of Kang Seo Hee.' According to the reports in the upcoming episode there will be the shocking death of a character.

According to the speculations, it is Joon Jae or Cheong who are the most likely ones to die. However, to stop this from happening, Nam Doo may end up taking a bullet for either of them proving his loyalty towards them. Moreover, Nam Doo always wanted Cheon and Joon Jae to end up with each other.

In the upcoming episode it is expected that Tae Oh and Chi Si Ah will have more scenes together as in the earlier episode, Chi Si Ah opened up in front of Tae Oh and told him everything about what she feels. Though after confessing about her feelings, Chi Si Ah feels ashamed for what she did, Tae Oh was happy that she told him everything.

A rumour of Shim Cheong's death is also making rounds. According to the reports, the silver-tailed mermaid is getting treatment at the hospital.

The teaser revealed that nursing staff finds a letter on her bed. Some found the scene very similar to the one where merman Yoo Jeong-Hoon passed away. And, because of this, fans too started to believe that Shim Cheong may die in the next episode.

However, she is such a major character that it will be a huge step to kill such a character. Fans may not be quite happy it.

In other news, "Legend of the Blue Sea" behind-the-scenes video was posted on the official twitter page of the drama which reveals the preparation Jun Ji Hyun went through to play the role of a mermaid.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. on SBS.

This article was first published on January 21, 2017