Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

Popular K-drama star Lee Min Ho, 29, is getting love and affection from all across the globe for his outstanding performance, and he has solidified his position in the K-drama with his powerful performance in the series "The Legend of the Blue Sea."

Now, the martial arts director praised the Hallyu star for his dedication, hard work and strong ethic sense he puts into his action scenes. Yan Gil Young, the martial arts director, cannot stop complementing Lee's brilliant action scenes during a recent interview with local media, as reported by Soompi.

Since the director worked with him earlier as well, he said that the actor has got a strong grasp of basic action skills and therefore brings out the action scenes in an outstanding manner.

Yan Gil Young further revealed that Lee Min Ho does not use stunt double at all. He himself performs the action scenes, making the director exclaim, "so cool" and "so handsome."

According to Yibada, the director said: "It's all because of him that the action scenes were possible, and it's also thanks to him that the viewers have been giving rave reviews."

Lee Min Ho is also considered the "mood-maker" on the set, he with amicable personality lightens the mood of his co-stars and is also known to be humming to himself whenever he is free and waiting for a shot.

His concern and courtesy towards everyone on the set is loved and appreciated by everyone. According to the drama staff as cited by Yibada, Together with his smile that brightens up the atmosphere, one cannot resist but become his fan immediately.

According to the reports, the 20-episode SBS drama would be Lee Min Ho's last project before he enters into the military. According to MYM Entertainment, as cited by News Nate, he will enlist as a public service officer instead of an active duty soldier.