Legend of the Blue Sea
Lee Min-ho and Na Young-hee in 'Legends of the Blue Sea.' facebook.com/LegendOfTheBlueSeaKdrama/

The Legend of the Blue Sea is all set to air episode 18 on 18 January. Fans are expecting that the drama will be more interesting as big revelations were featured in the previous episodes.

The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 17 ended with a heartbreaking scene where Joon-Jae finds out that his father passed away, when he comes home. It is very evident that it will be difficult for him to come out of the situation, moreover, his father's heart-wrenching message left him devastated.

In the upcoming episode it is expected to reveal the aftermath of Joon-Jae's father's death.

According to Inquisitr, the latest teaser of the series reveals that there will be a confrontation between the first and second wife of Jung Woo. There will be exchange of heated words between the two, as Yoo Ran allegedly claims Seo Hee to be fraud, who was seen crying after knowing about her husband's death. As things get tensed, Yoo Ran ends up slapping Seo Hee.

Meanwhile, in The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 18 promo it is seen that Nam Doo is attacking Joon-Jae from the behind. It is being speculated that Joon-Jae will be betrayed by Nam Doo. Avid viewers know that he is after Cheong and wishes to sell her off for his purpose of greed.

The upcoming episode will be interesting to watch as it will reveal whether Joon-Jae will be able to save Cheong who is trying to escape from her enemies? Or Nam Doo really betrays Joon-Jae or not.

The Legend of the Blue Sea episode 18 will air on 18 January at 10:00 pm KST on SBS.