The Legend of the Blue Sea: Director reveals his experience working with Lee Min Ho

Jin Hyuk revealed Lee Min Ho is a hardworking actor.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

The director of recently ended popular fantasy drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea", Jin Hyuk revealed his experience of working with Lee Min Ho.

While speaking to Korean newsoutlet OSEN, as cited by Soompi, Jin Hyuk heaped praises on the lead actor of the drama. He revealed that Lee Min-Ho is one of the most hardworking actors he has ever worked with. Moreover, despite being one of the most popular stars in South Korea he is very humble.

Hyuk said: "He's always humble and serious about acting. I expect he must have been really tired during the last half of filming, but he was the one who treated the staff to the most meals and coffee. I think it was very sweet of him."

In the 2011 action drama "City Hunter," Hyuk worked with Lee Min Ho. He revealed: "What hasn't changed about him is that he's a hardworking actor."

"I would say he has grown from a star to a real actor, considering the way he would give it his all despite the cold weather and would carefully monitor his acting," he added. "I'm really thankful that he helped me out with the production."

The SBS mermaid drama came to an end on January 25 with its 20th episode. According to Nielsen Korea, as cited by Soompi, the final episode of the drama received 17.9 percent nationwide viewership.

The lead actor of the fantasy drama, Lee Min Ho is scheduled to hold a special fan meet on Feb. 18- 19 at the Grand Peace Hall, Kyung Hee University to celebrate his 10 years in the industry.

Yonhap News Agency reported that the actor is expected to unveil a side of him that many don't know as according to his agency MYM Entertainment.

This article was first published on January 29, 2017