Legend of the blue sea
Legend of the blue sea (SBS/Youtube)

The series 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' is no wonder getting high viewership ratings but unfortunately, it is facing lots of plagiarism issues. The popular series led by Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun is gaining good reviews and praise from all over the world. But, according to reports, the famous drama has been said to be a duplicate of popular TV series Sherlock and also the film Splash.

In fact, the reports say that the characters of Lee Min Ho's and Joon Jae, also share similar type of "fashion statement" as that of Sherlock Holmes. Not only that, few of the scenes of the two characters is also similar to that of the famous British series.

Moreover, the storyline of 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' is similar to that of the film Splash. In the film Splash, a man falls in love with a mermaid and in the Korean drama it is just the same. The character of the mermaid and Jun Ji Hyun is also quite alike. Just like in the film, she learns to speak the human language, eat, and socialize with the help of the environment surrounding them. Viewers too noted and cannot deny the uncanny similarities between the film Splash and the Korean series, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea.'

In spite of all these issues, the Korean drama was not really affected much, and it still remains at the top. The hit series already surpassed the other hit Korean dramas like 'My Love From The Star' and 'Descendants Of The Sun'.

In fact, according to The Jakarta Post, "The series landed first among its competitors on its third episode. The 'Legend Of The Blue Sea' gained 15.7 percent viewership ratings, while 'Oh My Geum Bi' and 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo' drew 6.5 percent and 5.7 percent ratings respectively."