Leenalove Explain the Impact of Music in 5 Ways on Your Life for the Better


Feelings and thoughts give meaning to our breathing hearts. Words of any language help us to communicate with others. But sometimes, words do not have the ability to explain or express our feeling and thoughts clearly.

On some special occasions, we structured and did not have words to express our true feelings. So, music is a magical language that can help us in these types of situations.

Leena Pedraza known as LeenaLove is a American music artist who profoundly loves music. Because her soul connected with the universe of art, she spread universal rythems worldwide.

Rather than that, LeenaLove is the woman who can add colors to people's lives through her hand. Hence, she is well-reputed as a makeup artist too.

There are great personalities in our society. They always try to give a positive change to the other's life for the better. LeenaLove is one of them. She is the famous and valuable social media personality who lead other peoples to path of the success.

How do we call the human who can give a better life to others? I like to call them guardian angels. Yes, LeenaLove is a guardian angel. Because she gives her warm hand to the innocent people who need help.

Today I will share the most valuable facts that were included in the speech of LeenaLove. Here, she discussed the five ways music can affects your life for the better. So, Let's look at how!


Do you ever feel sad, nervous, or stress when you cannot deal with any circumstances? I faced that kind of situation.

I had to goodbye to one of my best friends because she has cancer. But I couldn't understand how I tolerated this sadness. Also, I needed to release my pressure, I needed to cry, but I couldn't.

After that, I realized I could cry better when playing a certain song, which feels good for me. This is one of the things music helps me relax my mind.

Songs helped me to let out the feel that destroyed me inside. So, do not be shy to show your feeling to God. Music will guide you into a comfortable path.


Music is a creative way to improve your motions. How? Imagine you are at the party and it is playing a fast music track. So, how about your leg and hands? Surely, they will shake with the rhythm of the music.

If you have ever gone to Disney world? What do you think about the entrance music of Disney world? Is it slow music?

If Disney plays a song like "A dream is a wish your heart makes," definitely make its entrance similar to the door of heaven.

Instead, you hear old-timey marches and vaudevillian dance tunes when you enter into the Disney world. But why? Because simply, if Disney plays slow music, it leads clog the path into the park.


When you sing your national anthem with others, what do you feel? It gives an incredible unified experience. Isn't it? The national anthem highlights the best and most heroic traits of the country. At that time, we feel we are a child of one mother.

Not only the national anthem but also fight songs, product jingles, and theme songs also have the ability to give the same unified thoughts.


During our lives, some remarkable things happen, and we love to remember them forever. So, you can set it into the music. It is the best way to remember it.

When you were a child, you went to church. I am sure you can remind the words of a simple song that we sang for our Jesus, "Jesus loves me."

Did you remember the ABSD song? I am sure you do. You can sing this full song yet. But you hear it; you were about 3 or 4 years old.

You can remember the bible verses if you give a simple melody to them. Do you feel I am crazy? But trust me, if you do this, you can remind those life-giving words at any time you want. Can you believe the magic of the music?


Personally, the merit of music is the ability to heal souls. So, we can define music as a god's gift that can restore broken hearts.

One wonderful thing that I found is that some people with debilitating Parkinson's can only move fluidly when listening to some music.

Always be careful about the music that you listen. Because it can make you sad, happy, angry, lustful, depressed, or paranoid.

However, if you feel uncomfortable, it is time to search for a new beat to relax your mind. So, this is the time to do the experiments and feel your life better with the music!