Lee Sun Bin gushes about Lee Kwang Soo: 'I was happy to meet my ideal type'

Lee Sun Bin revealed Lee Kwang Soo is her ideal type.

Lee Sun Bin
Lee Sun Bin met Lee Kwang Soo on the variety show, Running Man Facebook/Lee-Sun-Bin

South Korean actress Lee Sun Bin has confessed her love for Lee Kwang Soo. The 22-year-old former member of South Korean girl group JQT recalled her experience of meeting her ideal type.

Sun Bin got an opportunity to meet Kwang Soo on the variety show, Running Man. She told digital magazine, View: "I was happy to meet my ideal type Lee Kwang Soo sunbaenim. You can say I'm a successful fan. But I was bit disappointed because I wanted to meet Yoo Jae Suk again but I didn't have the opportunity to see him during the recording."

Adding on, Sun Bin revealed that she met Yoo Jae Suk two years ago, along with Jung Hyung Don, who were filming for Saturday Saturday is a Singer special of Infinity Challenge.

She said: "They were wearing Solid's outfits and preparing for 'Infinity Challenge's music festival. I overcame my embarrassment and went to him, saying, 'Hello, I'm an actress trainee Lee Sun Bin', then asked Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim for a photo. He very kindly took a selca with me and told me that he'd be cheering me on. I uploaded the photo right away on SNS. Whenever I get to see him again, I want to talk to him about this but he probably doesn't remember. I dearly hope he invites me to 'Happy Together 3', or any of his other programs."