Lee Seung-gi safe from Coronavirus; Vagabond actor's miraculous escape from 3 natural disasters

Actor Lee Seun-Gi is said to have braved natural disasters including earthquakes and typhoons three times, here are details of Seung-gi saving himself from the incidents

The Vagabond actor Lee Seung-gi responded to the fears of his fans who kept on popping the question on his safety in the wake of people being affected by Coronavirus. Responding to the same, Seung-gi said that he was safe. "Everybody keeps asking where I am... I am in Korea!!! Please take care of your health, everyone," said the actor. He ended his response with #washyourhands on his official Instagram account.

According to fans, Lee Seung-gi not only impressed them with his ability to act but also with the 'so-called' superpower as they believe he can avoid natural disasters. Seung-gi miraculously escaped natural disasters including typhoons and earthquakes three times.

Lee Seung-gi

Japan earthquake

Japan suffered a massive earthquake of 9.1 magnitudes on March 11, 2011. Named Tōhoku, it was also known as the Great Sendai Earthquake due to its intensity. Lee Seung-gi was supposed to be Japan on the day, but due to some reasons, he cancelled his visit to Japan, thus saving himself from the life-threatening experience.

Typhoon, Korea

The following year on August 21, 2012, Typhoon Bolaven hit the Korean Peninsula. This typhoon is considered the strongest one to cause massive destruction in nearly a decade. The typhoon wreaked havoc for more than five days before entering North Korea on August 28. Seung-gi surprisingly travelled abroad just before the typhoon hit the Korean Peninsula. By the time he returned the day-to-day life was returning to normalcy.

Typhoon Soulik

Exactly six years after Typhoon Bolaven created ruckus in South Korea, another typhoon Soulik made its entry on August 23, 2018. It affected the Jeju Island in South Korea the most. Even during this time, Lee Seun-Gi was not in Korea. He had a schedule outside the country and it is said that the situation turned normal as soon as the actor landed in Korea.

Lee Seung-gi's previous project Vagabond was much appreciated. Seung-gi played a stuntman opposite Bae Suzy who played the role of a National Intelligent Service agent. The Korean Odessy, Gu Family Book actor also has played a guest role in the ongoing series Crash Landing On You starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

Seung-gi is said to be in talks for the second season of SBS series Vagabond.

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