Lee Seo Won
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Actor Lee Seo Won who is currently under the same agency as Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki revealed that the two actors have always been a great guide to him. The actors have always monitored him and gave him good acting advice.

Soompi mentioned that Lee Seo Won thanked the actors saying, "I'm really thankful for them. They make me want to work harder."

Seo Won further shared, "Song Joong Ki told me to maintain a sense of responsibility but to not carry any burdens. Park Bo Gum said I should get close to my co-stars quickly in order to develop better chemistry with them."

Seo Won, who is currently filming a JTBC web drama "Last Minute Romance" with Han Seung Yeon also added that it felt unreal every time he received these kind of advices from these top stars.

The actor also revealed about a severe car accident he had 3 years ago while crossing a crosswalk. He said, "I had prepared contemporary dance as my talent for an audition, but because my body was broken, I wasn't able to do anything. I had an opportunity to appear in a movie at the time, but it fell through, and all of the auditions during that time fell through. I thought about a lot of things at the time. I thought to myself, that one could become so useless so suddenly. I was able to learn a valuable lesson about life."

In other news, the Descendants of the Sun star Song Joong-ki has purchased a house in the pricey area of Itaewon in Yongsan, Seoul worth 10 billion won or US$8.9 million.

However, Blossom Entertainment, the agency of the actor declined to confirm the report.

Joong Ki's agency said, "We have not heard about it from him. Since it's the actor's personal matter, we cannot verify it."