Ever since 2012, actor Lee Min Ho has tangled in a legal war with the producers of "The Great Doctor" and four other cosmetic companies for using his image on the packaging of facial masks without permission. The actor seems to have won the lawsuit partially.

According to Soompi, The Heirs actor won 20 million won (approximately $17,600) during the first trial and an additional 80 million won (approximately $70,300) for property damages. In addition, the court has ordered the cosmetic company to stop the production and selling of those products using his publicity rights.

Often known as "the Ryan Gosling of Korea," the actor is currently serving as a public service worker in southern Seoul as a part of his two-year military enlistment. The actor began his enlistment last month but was exempted from military duties due to his health injuries, which he sustained during two car accidents in 2006 ad 2011. He will be completing his service in 2019 and meanwhile, there are already speculations that his comeback project will be the much-awaited Heirs Season 2.

Despite his absence from the buzz world, Lee-hosted DMZ, the Wild, documentary for MBC TV—aired last week—is gaining the momentum across the nation. The three-part documentary focuses on the wild lives inside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a four-kilometer-wide area that separates the South and North Koreas.

Lee's first break was through popular manga-turned drama Boys Over Flowers in 2009. He reached the pinnacle through City Hunter in 2011, Heirs in 2013 and Legends of the Blue Sea in 2016. He has a great fan following in China, Japan, US, and many other countries. Apart from that, he has also represented a number of big brands like Korean Air, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Dunkin' Donuts, Romanson watches and Etude House. The actor is currently in an on and off relationship with actress Suzy.