Lee Min Ho to take legal action against those spreading malicious rumours against actor

Lee Min Ho is unhappy with the rumours against him.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho will take legal action against people spreading rumours about him Reuters

South Korean actor/singer Lee Min Ho will be taking legal action against those spreading false rumors about him. The 29-year-old actor's agency, MYM Entertainment have reportedly filed complaints against the people involved, to the Gangnam Police Station.

The official statement from the label read: "We had refrained from taking action because we believed enduring this was a part of being an actor who receives the public's interest and love, but because the actions persisted for many years, which not only leaves a great emotional scar and creates great mental stress to the actor and the fans who watch over him but also the baseless slander and abasement ruins his honor and image, we've reached the point where we could no longer overlook this."

"Hurting others through the exploitation of anonymity is a clear crime. From hereon, we will take firm action against those leaving malicious content and comments as well as false rumors not only for the safety of our actor but also for the soundness of the internet culture," the note stated.

Meanwhile, Min Ho is gearing up for his comeback role in the upcoming drama series, The Legend of the Blue Sea. He will be seen opposite Jun Ji Hyun in the series.

The Legends Of The Blue Sea is Min Ho's first drama in three years. His last TV series was the Heirs which aired in 2013. In the show, Min Ho plays a genius conman and the 34-year-old actress will reprise the role of a mermaid.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is expected to air on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 (KST) in November 2016.