Lee Min Ho to take legal action against rumor spreaders

The agency will make sure that the perpetrators are punished.

Actor Lee Min Ho's agency will take a legal action against those involved in spreading false information about the actor. Reportedly, the company has been receiving lots of requests from Min Ho's true fans requesting an action against wrong doers.

The company released an official statement via their Facebook account. The note read: "Some of the internet users have been spreading false information, and posting malicious content attacking our label's artist on portal sites and online communities. This illegal action on defaming the artist's character has been going on continuously and we cannot let this continue anymore."

The agency further stated that they will make sure that the perpetrators are punished accordingly, without any settlement or showing leniency.

The statement read: "We will be taking action to protect our label artist's rights against hate comments aimed to hurt. If more cases of defamation of character or other harm comes to be, we will be taking strong legal action through the evidence we've collected."

"Taking advantage of freedom of speech and anonymity to hurt others through writing is assault and considered a cyber crime. To protect our artists and help create a wholesome internet culture, we will be taking action without settlement or leniency and do whatever we can to make sure the perpetrators are punished accordingly," MYM Entertainment posted.