Lee Min-ho
Actor Lee Min-ho. instagram.com/leeminho__87

Lee Min-ho and Miss A's Suzy Bae are one of the most popular Korean couples, and their wedding is one of the biggest discussions in Korean showbiz industry.

The Korean superstars previously even confirmed their relationships, however, according to a new report, The Legend of the Blue Sea actor allegedly decided to end their relation because of the mandatory military enlistment.

There were also claims that the actor cancelled his alleged wedding with Suzy Bae because of his mandatory two years of military service. Though, according to Soompi the City Hunter actor has not yet received any official notice about the enlistment yet.

An official statement that released on January 31 by the MYM Entertainment stated: "Lee Min Ho has not received any information about the exact date of his enlistment. He has not even received his notice of admission."

In other news, Min-Ho celebrated his tenth anniversary in the entertainment industry with his fans. Despite his busy schedule, he celebrated the occasion by being a part of two meet-and-greet events over the weekend.

The 29-year-old Hallyu star met and thanked his 6,000 fans and supporters who flocked to Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. The Kpop Herald quoted Min-Ho as saying: "I was able to successfully finish the first act of my life because of you."

He further added: "You are no longer like others (to me), you are rather like parts of my family and life."