Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho Reuters

The Legend of the Blue Sea star Lee Min Ho confirmed to release his new album, "Always by Lee Min Ho" this month. Though, Lee is more popular because of his acting, he is also pursuing a singing career and his last release was in 2015.

This year, his album "Always by Lee Min Ho" will be released globally in March, Soompi reported.

The new album is a gift from Lee Min Ho to his fans for all the love and support they have given him all these years. The title track was first also performed live on Feb. 18 and 19 fan meetings.

Lee Min Ho's agency, MYM Entertainment said: "It is not ordinary for an actor who is not officially pursuing a singing career to release an album internationally."

The first music he released was in 2013 and his debut album was "My Everything." On Japan's Oricon, this mini album peaked at the number one position and the track "Song For You" topped the iTunes chart of Taiwan.

The release of the latest album of Lee Min Ho, "Always by Lee Min Ho" is a surprise to the fans as no promotions were done by him as a singer in a very long while.

In other news, Lee recently wrapped up his successful fantasy drama series The Legend of the Blue Sea. The popularity of the drama transcended boundaries and it became a huge hit not only in Korea, but also around the world. Lee Min Ho recently received an award for improving South Korea's brand image at the 2017 National Brand Awards.

The producer of the recently ended drama said: "Lee Min Ho has grown a lot since the last time I saw him three years ago. The character Heo Joon Jae changes a lot throughout the drama, and Lee Min Ho did a great job portraying the different sides to the character."