Lee Min Ho burdened by Hallyu star status?

Lee Min Ho is currently shooting for the SBS show, The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Actor Lee Min Ho is not much accustomed to the idea of Korean Hallyu star status. Instead, the 29-year-old believes that the responsibility to entertain fans comes from within and not with any social position.

In a recent interview with Xports News, when asked about his Korean wave status and if he feels burdened, the Gangnam Blues actor responded: "I think the title of 'Hallyu star' was added to my name very suddenly. I'm very honored and grateful, but I am still unused to it. As for responsibility, I always felt it even without the Hallyu star title."

Min Ho, who gained widespread fame with Boys Over Flowers in 2009, is a rising star in China as well. The actor is reportedly receiving quite many offers after the grand hit of his first Chinese movie, Bounty Hunters, where he acted as a lead. He shared that his involvement in varied projects has rolled in love and support from the audience, not in Korea, but from other places as well.

When asked about the real power of the Hallyu wave, the actor-turned-singer stated: "I feel it not only with my productions, but also when dramas, movies, and other media content becomes a big issue overseas. When I run into fans who study Korean to watch Korean productions, and even come visit the country despite the difference in language and culture, I realize that this must be the power of Hallyu."