Lee Kwang Soo talks about nude scenes in upcoming drama Sound of Heart

Sound of Heart starts airing on November 7 through Naver TV

Lee Kwang Soo
South Korean actor, Lee Kwang Soo Facebook/Leekwangsoo

Actor Lee Kwang Soo has gone pantless for an upcoming webtoon-inspired drama series, Sound of Heart. The 31-year-old, who had approved a shirtless scene was dumstruck on learning about the no-bottom scene.

While sharing his experience, Asia's Prince talked about his nude scene at a press conference held on November 3. The Running Man artist started off with a small introduction. He said: "I am Lee Kwang Soo, playing the role of Jo Suk who is an aspiring cartoonist." He added "I really like webtoons so I felt more pressure. I talked to the director a lot before filming, and I received a lot of help while shooting."

Explaining further, the Descendants of the Sun actor shared: "The director said before filming that there would be a nude scene, so I was preparing myself...I thought, obviously, it's going to be shirtless scene, but it was a pantsless scene. So I guess you could call it a preparation. I prepared my body."

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo also spared few details on his character and drama: "The only web toon I made sure to read all of was 'Sound of Heart.' There were also a lot of people around me who liked it, so when I was talking about this to people, many congratulated me," the variety show star revealed.

Kwang Soo also thanked his reality TV costar for the cameo: "Kim Jong Kook congratulated me and was happy for me; on top of that, he appeared as a cameo, so I want to say thank you to him, " he said.