Lee Joon reveals why he respects his ideal type, figure skater Kim Yuna so much

Actor also says he is yet to meet someone he would want to settle down with.

Lee Joon_Kim Yuna
Actor Lee Joon and professional figure skater Kim Yuna. instagram.com/leechangsun27/facebook.com/pg/Yuna-Kim

Even though he is a former MBLAQ band mate and an actor, known for roles in dramas 'Vampire Detective' and 'Father is Strange,' Lee Joon is like any shy fanboy when it comes to interacting with one of his idols, who happens to be professional figure skater Kim Yuna. Lee Joon revealed how he had a very awkward interaction with Kim Yuna, whom he considers his ideal type.

As noted by website Soompi, Lee Joon sat down for an interview recently where he talked about meeting love, marriage and meeting Kim Yuna. Describing their very first interaction, Lee Joon said, "During the Olympics a while ago, I ran into her and I realised how small I could become around people I truly like. At the time, I was with Jeong Jinwoon and [former] SISTAR member Bora. The two of them greeted [Kim Yuna] while I hid but then Jeong Jinwoon called me out, so I reluctantly greeted her and told her I was a fan before running away."

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Lee Joon turns out to be quite the shy fanboy indeed; running away from his ideal type like that. But not everyone is of the stalker or overeager variety and that's a good thing. Lee Joon then added, "That was the first time I felt myself become so small. I liked her as a fan but I couldn't control my own emotions. I would like to become as cool and level-headed as her. I think that it's best to have a level-headed mindset in any and all situations...She's younger than me but I think I have a lot to learn from her. I respect her greatly."

26-year-old professional figure skater Kim Yuna became the Olympic champion and won the silver medal for coming second in the 2014 Winter Olympics, beaten by Russia's Adelina Sotnikova. Kim Yuna also became the World Champion in the 2009 and 2013 World Figure Skating Championships and has won multiple other awards. She retired after winning a silver medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics, in February.

As for Lee Joon, he also revealed why he had never had a deep and meaningful romantic relationship with anyone yet. "I'm 30 and, although I have had girlfriends, I regret not having dated anyone in a deep and meaningful way. When I was a student, I had a lot of emotional ups and downs because of love and cried a lot because of love; however, as I got older and became an adult, my emotions became more subdued and now I don't really react to much. I think I've become that much more sensitive," he said.

The 29-year-old actor added, "Besides when I act, I have not cried [since becoming an adult]. Life in the public social sphere is very fierce and, in order to survive, there are rules that need to be adhered to. I think being in that sort of space has made me very sensitive."

Regarding marriage, Lee Joon revealed he's quite the idealist and believes in having a solid-enough reason to decide on spending his life with another person. "I don't think I've ever truly been in love before. Marriage seems like a very vague thing to me. I've always thought that I would marry someone that I would take a bullet for but I have yet to feel that, which is why I'm trying to cultivate those kinds of emotions," he said.

Lee Joon also said in a press interview on August 30 that he avoids romantic roles or projects because he does not consider himself good looking. He feels that thrillers suit him best. However, he was able to display a good chemistry with actress Jung So-min in KBS2's 'Father is Strange.' "I fixed many habits through romantic acting with this drama. I had a habit of looking at people with my eyes down then up, which is an optimal vibe for thrillers but unsuitable for romance, so I worked hard to look straight forward," he said and added, "I was happy to hear reactions saying that my gaze was good. I gained great courage through this opportunity."

However, Lee Joon revealed that he isn't too anxious about his acting career, which might be affected after he enlists in the military as an active duty soldier, this October 24. He revealed quite a mature thinking when he said, "I'm not worried about the hiatus. It's actually not even going to be two years long. Before, I used to worry a lot about my future. Lately, I've been thinking that if I can't work in this industry after my military service, I'll just look into other lines of work. This is the best way to think about it, in terms of my mental wellbeing.

Lee Joon expanded on his positive outlook in life and said, "I'm still young and there are lots of things that I want to do. Granted, it would be great if I could continue to pursue acting; however, if they don't call me after I return, I'll just have to find something else."

We wish all the very best to Lee Joon for his future.

This article was first published on August 31, 2017