Lee Jong Suk wants W to end on a sad note

W to air its last episode on September 14.

MBC's romantic-fantasy drama, W, is bidding adieu with its last episode to be aired today, Sept.14. The drama starring cute couple Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo has been doing quite well among the viewers with a 14.5% viewership in Seoul national capital area.

The cast and the crew of the show performed the last shoot schedule on September 11th. The producer of the show thanked the viewers for their incredible support and excellent viewership chart: "Thanks to viewers' interest and love we were able to have our final filming on the 11th. With the Chuseok holiday starting on the 14th, we ask that viewers watch the final episode with their families."

Meanwhile, the plot of W is going very strong, and with so much happening on the show it has become hard to speculate for what is in store for the finale. While the climax has already been shot, actor Jong Suk has listed his own version of the finale episode. According to the Pinocchio actor, the show must end on a 'sad' note.

In a recent interview with Chorokbaem Media, when asked to share his way of ending the drama, the actor answered: "So many things have happened, I'm not sure how a happy ending will fit in smoothly. This will also depend on the screenwriter. Personally, I prefer sad endings. I think it'll be good to have a smooth, sad ending. A smooth context and an appropriate farewell will be a heartache, but understandable. It will also makes the drama linger in your mind longer."

However, he added: "To be honest, wrapping it up as how Yeon Joo imagined with love, marriage, and family will be the best ending."