Lee Jong Suk

South Korean drama Doctor Stranger starring Lee Jong Suk is trending again due to its plot that is related to medical research, including the health of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Lee Jong-suk plays Park Hoon who is tricked and taken to North Korea along with his father Kim Sag Joong who plays doctor Park Cheol, one of the best heart surgeons. When the North Korean supreme leader faces a severe heart-related problem, Park Cheol is taken to North Korea on the promise of "return" if the operation is successful.

But during the operation his son Park Hoon is brought in front of him as bait, to ensure that the operation goes through successfully if he wants his son alive.

But after he successfully operates on the leader, both father and son are directed to be killed instead of being sent back home. Surviving by a whisker, the father teaches his son skills to operate without hi-fi instruments and makes him a legend called Doctor Stranger.

When his father dies, Lee Jong Suk – Doctor Stranger - is taken to perform research forcing him to (mis) use his skills for wrong reasons, where a patient is killed if the findings of the research go wrong. The drama has a love story where Lee Jong Suk meets another doctor Jin Se Yeon and what happens to them when they flee to South Korea forms the rest of the story of one of the successful dramas.

But the reason for the drama trending now is the part where the North Korean leader undergoes a major surgery, considered a life and death situation.

Nothing is known about Kim Jong Un who is believed to have undergone a heart surgery two days ago.

Some reports went to the extent of claiming that Kim Jong Un might have lost his life during the surgery, bit no credible information in this regard is available yet.

The Sun reported that Kim Jong Un is in "a vegetative state" after a terrified surgeon botched his heart operation. Kim Jong Un has not made any public appearance for two weeks now.