Lee Jong Suk reveals secret to choosing successful projects

Lee Jong Suk is currently seen in MBC's popular drama, W.

South Korean actor/model Lee Jong Suk is reportedly very choosy about his work. The 26-year-old who is currently seen in MBC's popular drama, W, revealed he takes his time and only signs a project when he is extremely sure of it.

During an episode of tvN's The List, Jong Suk said: "I like sleeping or watching TV at home. I can indirectly experience things by watching dramas. By watching them, I learn and study what the general public prefers."

Jong Suk has been praised for his amazing chemistry with W co-star, Han Hyo Joo. The Pinocchio actor shared a behind-the-scene image on his Instagram account. In the photo, the duo are seen wearing matching pink sweaters, and Jong Suk is hugging the 29-year-old actress from behind.

Speaking to Section TV on 24 July, Jong Suk talked about the kissing scenes in the drama. He said: "There are lots of scenes with physical contact [between me and Han Hyo Joo]. Because we did [the kiss scenes] so often, I grew numb to them."