Lee Jin Wook sexual assault: Social media names Ban Seo Jin as victim; model denies

"I don't know where these rumors came from. This is absurd," says Seo Jin.

South Korean model Ban Seo Jin has come forward to address rumours over her involvement in the sexual assault case involving Lee Jin Wook. As per reports, the 27-year-old is being addressed as the alleged accuser, who has filed the case against the Glass Castle actor.

In an exclusive interview with News1star, Seo Jin shared her frustration over the matter. Referring to the social media outburst for pointing her as the so-called victim of the case, she said: "Early this morning, people called me and expressed their concern. I was so shocked to find out that there are chat room rumors circulating [about me]. "

Seo Jin further clarified that she has never met Lee Jin Wook and does not know who he is. "I don't know where these rumors came from. This is absurd. My name keeps coming up in related search results [with Lee Jin Wook], which is becoming a huge deterrence. Wherever I go, the looks people give me are embarrassing and shameful."

Soompi stated that the TV presenter also took to her Instagram and expressed her annoyance. She shared that her health is taking a toll because of the fallacious rumours.

Ban Seo Jin is an e-commerce entrepreneur and also plays a host to "Miracle Beauty" on Naver TV Cast.