Suseo Police Station has made a fresh appeal to arrest the accuser in Lee Jin Wook's alleged sexual assault case. The request for warrant comes 11 days after their initial petition was denied by the court.

As per reports, the plaintiff is under the scanner due to her continuous change in statements. "We requested another arrest warrant because A keeps changing her story about confessing to a false accusation," a police representative explained. However, the alleged accuser revealed that she was induced into making statements, and did not really confessed the charges.

In an exclusive interview with The Fact, the so-called victim disclosed: "I have never confessed. I have not changed the fact that I had an undesired sexual intercourse from the beginning to the end." She further explained: "It's not that I kept silent. I just didn't have a way to speak up. My lawyer suddenly withdrew during the process, and as a normal (non-celebrity) woman, it's not easy to speak up to the media. I also didn't see the need to justify every single report. I believe in proving the truth through investigation and court ruling."

Lastly, she relayed: "My thoughts have not changed. I will resist from responding to the media and properly participate in the upcoming investigation. However, I did feel the need to clarify false, exaggerated information."