Lee Jin Wook sexual assault case: Plaintiff's lawyer resigns citing opinion differences

Lee Jin Wook and the alleged victim's lie detector test results will be out by end of the month.

In a recent development in Lee Jin Wook's sexual assault case, the lawyer of the alleged victim has reportedly resigned from his plaintiff's lawful duties citing differences in opinion as reason.

Lawyer Son Soo Ho announced his withdrawal from the case on 24 July.

The lawyer from the law firm, Hyunjai, told the K-pop site Soompi that he did not wish to continue due to clashes in their opinions. He said, "The primary reasons [for my withdrawal] are differences in opinion [with the plaintiff] on how to deal with new facts and investigation, and the severe damage in trust that happened as a result."

"As always, for the past week, I trusted my client and did everything I could in the interests of the client. Now the new lawyer to be appointed to the case will be taking over that role," he added. However, Soo Ho also affirmed while he will no longer play any part in case, he will be keeping low profile and promised to keep all the facts confidential.

Meanwhile, Jin Wook's side appeared unaware of the fact and stated that they still had to confirm the news. Earlier, expressing their frustration over the case, the actor's agency stated that plaintiff's false accuses will come out in open soon.

"As a public figure, Lee Jin Wook has resolved to be careful in his actions and desperately hopes that, through strict judgment, revealing the false accusations made by the plaintiff, celebrities are no longer targets of lawsuits for the simple reason that they are public figures. Once again, we'd like to send our thanks and apologies to the fans who have sent us unwavering support and love," C&CO ENS said.