Lee Jin Wook sexual assault case : Mystery to resolve this weekend ?

The plaintiff's side might counter-sue Jin Wook on the grounds of defamation

Proceedings in Lee Jin Wook's sexual assault case will unravel the truth soon. The investigators in charge of the highly anticipated molestation case are reportedly planning to close the file coming weekend.

In its statement, the Seoul Suseo Police Station affirmed that they are just few steps away from unveiling the veracity behind the acquisitions. The police released a statement on 25 July doubting the authenticity of the accuser's claim. They told Allkpop, "We're taking all necessary procedures to look into the sexual assault charges filed by the woman and the false charge accusation filed by Lee Jin Wook. We believe that at the earliest, we will be able to close the case this weekend. Afterwards, we will forward any relevant material to the prosecution."

The police further added that the woman's "false charges are slowly coming to light."

Meanwhile, the plaintiff's side released a statement stating that they will countersue Jin Wook on the grounds of defamation. Her side relayed, "Saying she pressed false charges is actually a defamation of the woman's character. We will press for false charges against Lee Jin Wook for claiming that she pressed false charges." Howbeit, the police clarified that the so-called accuser has not filled any additional charges against the actor yet.

The alleged victim reportedly sued actor Jin wook for making force physical relation her after meeting for the first time for dinner on the 12th July.