Lee Jin Wook sexual assault case: Actor claims alleged victim invited him to her house

The actor has exposed text conversation with the alleged victim.

Lee Jin Wook sexual assault case is taking an ugly turn with both sides accusing each other of false claims. Reportedly, the actor's side has submitted a text conversation between him and the alleged victim which, supposedly, showcases the plaintiff in bad taste.

On 18 July, the actor released the messages and stated that the accuser asked him to come to her house in order to fix a problem. The 34-year-old further added that both of them were meeting in good intention and the woman even sent her security door password through a social networking service.

However, the so-called victim's side has refuted Jin Wook's claim and denied inviting the actor to her home. Her side stated that she did not give the Glass Castle actor her address, or any kind of password.

Referring to the messages revealed by Jin Wook, the women claimed: "It's not a message sent to Lee Jin Wook. It was a simple message sent to an acquaintance of Lee Jin Wook to see if the acquaintance knew about the crime. Seeing that the response was weird and it seemed like the acquaintance knew about everything and was taking Lee Jin Wook's side, she cut off contact with that person."

Explaining the whole incident from the victim's perspective, her side relayed: "That [the victim] received a phone call from an unknown number and contemplated whether or not to pick it up. After picking it up, it turned out to be Lee Jin Wook. They did not exchange phone numbers when they ate together."

"Although she rejected his offer to come to her home and fix things, he kept calling and asking for her address. He parked nearby and searched for her home," they added.

"[The victim] was trying to be considerate of the mutual acquaintance and thought that she might appear strange if she was too guarded. Furthermore, since he's famous and has a gentleman-like image she thought nothing would happen and told him his address. After that he came into her house and committed the crime," they concluded tagging the actor's claims as fallacious.