Lee Hwayoung dismissed from BOYS24 after fans 'breaths smell like crap' comment

Lee Hwayoung made harsh comments about fans.

Lee Hwayoung
BOYS24's agency revealed that Lee Hwayoung has been removed from the group Facebook/LeeHwanyoung.Boys24

BOYS24 member Lee Hwayoung has been removed from the group. The singer had come under fire for making harsh comments about fans.

The backlash started Hwayoung's rumoured former girlfriend uploaded a voice recording of him slamming fans. He allegedly said: "I like being called 'oppa.' Not by fans though. That's f**king s**tty. It sucks at hi-touch sessions, you know, at those events where we hold our fans' hands and greet them. We have to greet 700 or 800 people and it makes me want to throw up. Seriously, their breaths smell like crap."

The band's label, CJ E&M, announced that Hwayoung has been officially expelled from the group. The statement read: