Lee Hong Ki confirms dating news: 'I will not be lonely this winter'

Lee Hong Ki is overwhelmed by the hype around his relationship.

Lee Hong Ki
Lee Hong Ki of South Korean boy band FT Island is dating Han Bo Reum Reuters

Lee Hong Ki had recently announced that he is dating Han Bo Reum. The 26-year-old actor revealed he is overwhelmed by the hype around his relationship.

During an episode of Kiss the Radio, Hong Ki talked about his dating life. He said: "There are times when it is hard to say anything. There are times when I'm concerned about how my words will be received. Will it be enough to have at least a honest heart? Whether it is good or bad, I will share with you."

Hong Ki continued: "Some of you may have already heard the news, but I won't be lonely this winter. It is a little embarrassing. There are many people showing their support."

The two first met while working together in SBS drama, Modern Farmer. Following that, the got romantically involved after discovering their love for bowling.

FNC Entertainment, the agency of the main vocalist of the Korean pop/rock band F.T. Island had confirmed the relationship of the two celebrities. The statement read: "After checking with Lee Hongki, it's true that he is dating Han Bo Reum. Back in August when their initial dating rumors surfaced, the two were just friends who enjoyed bowling together, but they have recently become a couple."