tvN drama Goblin has been a massive success and Lee Dong Wook also gained global recognition for playing the role of a Grim reaper in the drama. The actor went on a tour in Asia and in an interview with Soompi in Jakarta, he was asked how he managed to make the character so special that no one else can be imagined in the same role.

Dong Wook replied saying, "What I considered the most important thing in acting out the Grim Reaper was the difference between his attitude while he was working and not, and I worked hard to make that clear. I think that's what stood out as special."

He further added, "I wanted to emphasis a cold outward appearance for the times he was doing his job. So his uniform would have metal studs on the shirt and his shoes."

The actor while conversing about the hit drama said that when he monitored himself through the broadcasts, he always feels that he could have done better. However, he is thankful that the role received a lot more love than he anticipated it.

When talking about Goblin how one can forget the amazing bromance he had with Gong Yoo on-screen. So, he was asked if he would like to do any future project with Gong Yoo to which he said, "Of course. That would be great. After the drama was finished, Gong Yoo and I joked, 'Will we ever get another chance to be able to work together again?'"

The actor also hinted on what type of drama he would like to work on with him in future stating, "Since "Goblin" was filled with moments where we engaged in a lot of banter, I think it'll be fun if we can do something more comic in the future."