LED lighting Technology

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In the 1960s, LED light fixtures have come to age. LED Lights are used in bedrooms, hotels, banks, restaurants, and on different ceilings. It has different colors according to need. For example in the bedroom, the warm white (2700 – 3000K) light is a firm favorite. LED takes a second to turn on due to its efficient circuit. Different quality LED light fixtures are now present in markets. It's also called long-lasting bulbs because its life span is too much longer than other non LED bulbs. Most popular LED bulb color is White and Yellow. LEDs do not burn out like other bulbs or fluorescent lamps while they provide light forever.

LED lighting fixtures

LED stands for light-emitting diode. The products of LED lighting fixtures are more efficient than other products because it gives up to 90% light. LED lamps can last over at least 25k -50k hours. It's approximately 50 times longer than a simple incandescent, 20-25 times longer than a local halogen, and 10 times longer than CFL. If an LED light fixture is used 12 hours in 1 day then it will last more than 11 years. Similarly, if it is used 8 hours in 1 day, it will last 17 years. LED Light fixtures are available in any shape or size.


Basically, it is an electrical circuit in which current passes through a microchip so it illuminates the tiny light sources. As a result, visible light is obtained which is more clear than other inflorescent bulbs. LED lighting fixtures can also replace fluorescent bulbs to increase their efficiency by removing fluorescent bulbs in them.

Energy efficiency

LEDs can turn 80% of their energy into light because of their high lumen output and giving them an added ordinary advantage of the lighting. Normal bulbs turn most of their energy into heat and left making little energy for lighting. The high-temperature degrees become a safety solution where the bulbs are arranged near fabrics. That is one of the main reasons that make LED lighting fixtures best for others.

High brightness and intensity

LED lighting fixtures have a high level of brightness. Its efficiency is high. It has made the electronic industry not only measure the level of brightness using wattage anymore.

Color Range

Different types of colors in local bulbs become fade. So as a result it makes the color of the bulb change. LED lighting fixtures have a wide color range and do not fade over time. It means that LEDs remain the same color throughout their life span.

Directional lighting

LED lighting fixtures, because of their design, focus lighting in the required direction, reducing the amount of energy wasted by deviation. They also do not require any type of reflectors. It results in purposeful lighting.

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  • New construction projects it is easy to install.
  • They have a higher lumen output.
  • Little maintenance IN regular dusting and inspection for it to last longer
This article was first published on August 20, 2021