Lebron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger among celebs forced to evacuate in the wake of LA wildfire

Celebrities like Kirsten Davis, LeBron James, Ryan Phillipe, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had to evacuate their homes for safety

LeBron James

Among the thousands of people who have been evacuating their residences in California ever since the recent wildfires started raging, many celebrities have also fled their homes in search of safety, including stars like Ryan Phillipe and LeBron James. They were joined by actress Kirsten Davis as celebrities started updating their social media with news that they had to vacate their homes in the wake of wildfires that seem to have surrounded areas of Los Angeles.

"Man these LA aren't no joke," the NBA star tweeted on Monday, October 28. "Had to emergency evacuate my house and I've been driving around with my family trying to get rooms. No luck so far!" Phillipe replied to the tweet saying, "Same." Davis too updated her status report on the fires, for the Sex and The City actress wrote on her social media account, "This is what we woke up [to]," along with a picture of the Getty Fire cresting a nearby hillside. "We are safe- children and dogs. Thank you @LAFDwest."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Other stars like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Clark Gregg, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Today showanchor Natalie Morales were also forced to flee after being threatened by the Getty fires that erupted shortly before 2 a.m. PST along the 405 Freeway near Los Angeles' Getty Center. The flames then proceeded to spread south and west, after being fueled by winds. Embers cast by the wildfires could reportedly be seen one mile ahead of the fire.

According to various reports, about 600 firefighters have been battling the Getty fires and around 10,000 structures have been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. LA mayor Eric Garcetti also issues a statement asking civillians to cooperate with the evacuation orders, while also saying that few people only had 15 minutes to leave their homes.

"Get out when we say get out," he said. "The only thing you cannot replace is you and your family." Apart from the Getty fires, a small brush fire, dubbed the "oak fires" also broke out before 9 a.m. PST on Monday along the 101 Freeway near Calabasas, where the Kardashians are known to own homes.

Even though the oak fires burnt 10 acres of heavy brush, the city of Calabasas tweeted that there had been no loss of life, no injuries reported, and that there was no damage to property, since the fire had been safely extinguished by rescuers.