Ask any avid K-drama fans (non-Korean), they will churn out an array of Korean words learnt from the dramas. And surprisingly, they will get it right—with perfect lingo and rhythm. Don't be surprised if they successfully pick up a conversation too.

Despite the genres, there are certain elements that cannot be separated from a K-drama. One such thing is those few words that express love in its utmost beauty. So here we bring you the ten most favourite Korean words that any K-drama fan can never forget.

1. Oppa

Often referred to address an older male. Other words similar to these are Unni, Hyung, and Noona.

2. Sunbae

Used to address a senior at an educational institution or workplace. The antonym is Hoobae (Junior).

3. Ajumma/Ajusshi

Referred to address an aunt or uncle respectively.

4. Aigoo/Aegyo

A cute reaction that literally translates to Geez or Aw man.

5. Jo-ah-hae (I like you)

The first stage of K-drama love, where one party will confess the feeling.

6. Ga-ji-ma (Don't go)

A misunderstanding or a crisis break down and the lovers are on a verge of break up.

7. Michyeosseo

Are you crazy? And we think a K-drama is never complete without this word.

8. Hae-uh-ji-ja

K-dramas are never complete without a temporary break up and this word says it all—Lets break up.

9. Mi-ahn-hae

I am sorry, and once this word is out we know the couple are heading for a patch up.

10. Sa-rang-hae

And finally, the word we all awaited for, I Love You! The best thing about K-drama is its portrayal of romance. They depict romance so beautifully that we all wish for a fairy tale life.

Comment us your favourite Korean word from K-drama!