Learn How to Next-Level Your Income, Impact & Influence With Expert Online Business Coach

Owen Hone

Online marketing may seem like an easy way to make money, but those involved in it soon realize that it takes responsibility and hard work. The assets of online marketing go far beyond building a website. In the arsenal of an Internet marketer lies a wide range of strategic tools, the correct use of which will lead to success. Expert coaches like Owen Hone provide the much-needed assistance for aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs who wish to attract clients through robust marketing techniques and boost their profits to 6 figures and higher.

Yet Owen offers much more to his clients than just skyrocketing profits. He helps find and nurture the strongest characteristics of individuals-a practice he considers the cornerstone of overall enhanced quality of life.

"Freedom isn't found in the amount of money in your bank account, nice cars, or sitting on a beach with your laptop", says Owen. "It's earned every day by having the courage to speak up and take action. If you don't, you are literally proving your limiting beliefs true and in the true sense of the word, you're trapped. Freedom comes from feeling afraid, feeling resistance, but moving forward anyway".

Devise Your Strategy for Success

When marketers do not get instant success from using a specific tool, they abandon it and move on to a new strategy, then choose another, and so on. The problem with this approach is that by constantly switching between strategies, they deprive one of a chance to flourish. According to Owen, the primary goal of his coaching is to help people check, test, and try all the best options for working with the selected tools. The end goal is to align the best possible strategy to the authentic voice of the brand, and stick to it until perfection is achieved.

"Patience and resilience are essential in internet marketing and for any kind of business.
Focus on 1 or 2 marketing approaches. Improve them and make sure you exhaust all of the possibilities before adding a new approach to your arsenal. Follow this principle and you will be able to retain the most valuable parts of each approach and in the end, build your bulletproof strategy", says Owen.

"If you're ever feeling resistance or fear around taking action, scream to the universe that you are enough, you can do this and nothing can stop you. When you do that, the universe answers back", he adds.

Key Steps for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Owen has shared with us several essential steps that guarantee success in online marketing:

Define your target audience. Find a need and work to satisfy it.

  • "Don't sell, assist your clients in buying"
  • Win over your customers. Be honest, demonstrate product knowledge, and speak the same language.
  • Design and build an easy-to-use website
  • Build a reputation as an expert.
  • Use SMM marketing tools.
  • Track your progress and make timely changes.

Create Inspiring Messages

Strong, captivating ideas will never go out of style.

For your brand's unique voice to shine through all your activities, you must define core values for your brand ​​and convey them through the corresponding attributes. This can be achieved through design, content, visuals, and the wise integration of all the elements you use.

Invest Wisely

Invest wisely in the short term to guarantee maximum return on investment in the long term. Invest in well-crafted educational programs, books, and seek expert advice to help you learn faster.

If you feel you need to chat with a coach who's helped the leaders in network marketing reach over $50,000 per month, message Owen on Facebook.