Learn how Ashley Massengill leveraged social media to build an 8 figure empire in less than 5 years

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Ashley Massengill

Social Media has completely transformed the world of business, and companies all over the world are working day and night to find the best ways of growing on different social platforms.

There are companies that pour in large sums of money to grow on Social Media yet are unable to grow a presence and get results. At the same time, there are influencers and some small businesses that have made millions of dollars without spending any significant amount of money online.

Do you also wonder how and why does this happens?

This article is going to end that confusion of yours as I share the story of Ashley Massengill, an 8 figures Entrepreneur who has fought all odds to go from being evicted out of her house for non-payment to making $1 Million in the first 40 mins of her launching her online course.

Ashley has broken numerous records and built an 8 figure empire in less than 5 years with the power of social media.

I am going to uncover the biggest secrets she has used to grow her business, but before I do that, let me introduce you to Ashley.

Ashley Massengill's beginnings

Ashley Massengill is not some corporate leader or an MBA from Harvard; on the contrary, she has had really humble beginnings.

She was evicted out of her house in 2013 and even had her car repossessed. At this point in life, she realized that there definitely is a better way to build herself up financially, and she started with her job.

After gaining some financial stability in her life, she eventually started her entrepreneurship journey in 2017 and leveraged the power of social media to grow all her ventures.

In less than 5 years into the world of business, she has made over $30 million from her businesses, built 7+ sources of income, won 8 millionaire awards, and much more.

Ashley's secrets to social media growth

After researching everything about Ashley's social media presence and talking to her about the most effective social media strategies, I now have a better understanding of the right way of growing.

One of the biggest things I could note was the power of consistency. I checked her posts from 2017, and to my surprise, they were almost the same types of posts that she is posting these days.

The only difference is the level of engagement, which has grown from a few likes and comments to thousands of them in her recent posts.

The biggest differentiator responsible for her success that she shared with me was the power of storytelling and social proof.

It is important to understand social media and treat it as a people's platform and not just an algorithm!

Ashley has gained a lot of popularity and success because of her ritual of sharing social proof in the form of the successes of her students. She shares the earnings of each of her students on her social media profiles.

Not just the earnings, but she also shares the stories of each of the students, which helps people relate to her content.

To explain this with an example, she shared her story of paying off the entire house debt of her mother 27 years in advance. Not just the end result, but she shared the story of her mother, who struggled as a single mother to pay for her kids and worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

Real stories like these help inspire single mothers and small business owners who dream of retiring their parents and paying off their debt.

Similarly, she shares stories of her students and how their lives have improved before and after joining her course. This helps her target audience connect to her and get the motivation to get what they want in life.

The way ahead for Ashley

Things are taking off for Ashley, who just got covered by Stripe and was featured by Ankur Nagpal, the founder of Teachable. All her Social Media accounts are blowing with engagement, and she is getting covered by major media outlets because of her growing list of achievements.

I hope this motivates you to grow your social presence the right way and create strategies based on real human emotions.

To know more about Ashley and remain in touch with recent updates, you can check her out on Instagram @ashley_massengill.

This article was first published on November 23, 2021