Learn From the Best With The Real Estate Disruptors

Ralph DiBugnara

Like many other industries, real estate is facing a season of change in the midst of the pandemic with both short- and long-term implications. Problems with working and logistics have caused a marked slowing or stoppage of new construction. Simultaneously, rentals are currently facing problems as retail stores close down, office spaces are left unused as companies transfer to a work-from-home setup, and residential tenants in dire financial straits are left without adequate means of paying rents. For the long-term, there are forecasts that the emerging popularity of e-commerce and remote working arrangements will shift values from physical stores and offices to warehouses and data centers.

Overall, however, real estate remains a solid financial prospect, especially when the states of other markets are taken into consideration. Although the idea of purchasing property isn't on a lot of potential buyers' minds amid the pandemic, the industry is expected to bounce back strongly as things begin to normalize. Such a view manifests itself accordingly in the prevailing trends in the current real estate market, with studies showing that property values are expected to continue to increase throughout the coming years and that real estate remains the top investing choice for most individuals who seek to secure their financial futures.

In these conditions, the main concern for anyone who hopes to enter real estate is in navigating and predicting the constantly-changing conditions described above. Compounding this challenge is the fact that much of the competition has become more difficult over time as market players become more experienced or are able to access more and more information through the power of the internet. With the market in this state, the up-and-coming real estate entrepreneur could use any sort of help he could get in order to succeed.

Knowing this, recognized real estate expert Ralph DiBugnara established The Real Estate Disruptors, an online network for real estate agents that aims to showcase the latest information in real estate and similar techniques with sales and personal branding. As part of its services for this network, The Real Estate Disruptors will be launching their eponymous online show that will focus on real estate entrepreneurs who have not only reached the heights of success in the industry but also broken new ground with their businesses as well as helped others in their community through their success.

The network's founder, Ralph DiBugnara, is a well-known real estate expert who rose from his blue-collar background to become one of the most successful personalities in the highly competitive industry. Now, he aims to use and apply his story toward helping others in real estate achieve a similar level of success. Similarly, Ralph will also feature the stories of other similar personalities, like HighKey Holdings' founders Luke and Jordan Lintz, CHICPEAJC's Lynn Hazan, and Real Empire's Raphael Vargas. Through this eclectic guest list, The Real Estate Disruptors will present various stories, from which viewers can lift and adapt tactics to grow their own brands, businesses, communities, and overall lives.

The Real Estate Disruptors show will premiere on February 18th 2021, followed by a weekly release of 8 other episodes that will make up its first season. The first of its kind for real estate, the show aims to go beyond informing and educating its viewers on real estate and general entrepreneurial concepts. Instead, its unique approach will feature the real stories of highly successful real estate entrepreneurs to showcase how they started, struggled, and eventually prevailed on their journeys.

The Real Estate Disruptors will premiere on February 18, 2021, and will be available through YouTube, Roku, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and the Disruptors Network mobile app, which features similar shows from the network. To learn more about The Real Estate Disruptors and The Disruptors Network, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @therealestatedisruptors.