Learn 20 Online Business Ideas from This New Ebook by Ahyanah Mincy

Ahyanah Mincy

Who doesn't want to start an online business these days? With so many ideas out there, knowing where to start can be a challenge. Luckily, entrepreneur and author Ahyanah Mincy has 20 different inspiring and insightful ideas as seen in this ebook! You'll not only learn how to successfully earn money by starting your own company but also get your questions about the global entrepreneurship space answered.

20 Online Business Ideas

The internet is such a disruptive force in our society and there's no doubt we're currently living in one of the most innovative periods. However, while we're all too happy to share everything we own out on the web, we also surpass ourselves and sometimes neglect to find advertisers. With so many options available and even more to come, there's only so much you can keep up with. But for those looking for some entrepreneurial excitement, here are 20 great ideas. Do you want to earn money while you sleep? One of the most popular ways is to start an online business. You can work from anywhere and get started with only a little cash, at the same time giving you some peace and space for your aspirations. Those who already have businesses on their hands can also find online business ideas to add new dimensions to their existing work. If you are new to internet marketing or looking for more business ideas, this book has all you need. Ahyanah Mincy is an internet entrepreneur who talks about her life and becoming successful online with the help of her blog, Find Your Voice Online.

How to Start an Ecommerce Store

One of the most common ways to get started is through an ecommerce store. This allows you to set your own prices and pay only a commission when stuff sells. If you want to offer methods of payment other than credit cards, PayPal Express or Google Wallet could be good options. In this Ebook, you'll learn how to go from retail store to online shop by adapting your marketing approach. The CTA will be different, the keywords will be different, and the images might be different, all requiring a little more consideration. You'll also learn about pricing your products-ensuring that you sell high enough at the same time as find a niche audience who is willing to spend a little more.


This ebook is a compilation of over 20 practical freelance sites that are the perfect way to make money while building your portfolio. Some guidelines to remember when freelancing. Know what you're worth. Know where your time is best spent. Make sure your personalities are compatible with the company you're working for. Set reasonable goals for yourself, but do not give up if they are not met.

Social Media Management

Every organization needs social media management as a tool to boost their business and track the success of their efforts. Through influencer marketing, you can easily generate leads and customers for your ecommerce store. The tactics outlined in this ebook will help you grow your followers and build a list of potential buyers. Social Media Management is all about effectively managing company's social media channels. With this type of SEO services for your business, you can register on different social networks, monitor performance of current posts, collaborate with people who are part of your social networks, schedule new posts algorithmically and deliver ROI.

Ways to Make Money with Instagram

You can make money as an Instagram influencer. The best thing about this business idea is that you won't need to invest a whole lot of money, and you'll keep full control over how you do it. You just need two to five minutes a day and your smartphone and then create and post content which is relevant and interesting for your followers and prospective followers. . Sell branded merchandise on Ebay, selling out of date items at a Jumble Sale, or teaming up with your local pet store for a profitable promotion that provides access to your vacant premises.

Digital Marketing Strategies Tips & Tricks

Purchase the ebook to find tips on where to start with social media, how to effectively generate traffic, and Google Adwords strategies. Ahyanah is an expert and dominate force online with a decade of experience at the forefront of digital marketing. Recently, she launched her most anticipated eBook "20 Online Business". The creative and inspiring ideas provide direction to new and budding entrepreneurs with creative minds looking to launch their first (or second) business. Whether you're looking to venture into, or out of your current career..


The ebook covers business activities such as SEO, influencer marketing, and other aspects. Because the latest technology is always trying to go to new levels Ahyanah made sure to research about online biz ideas and how they work. Ahyanah Mincy's e-book ends with suggestions, such as to get feedback from your Facebook friends and calling up an artisan who specializes in the type of work you're selling before selling any items-- or even before launching your site.