Leap Year 2020: Romance, sci-fi, horror, thriller, 5 amazing web series to watch on Netflix

Romance, horror, thriller and sci-fi, here are the five best Netflix series to watch on Leap Year.

Netflix has changed the trend of watching movies and daily soaps after it came into existence. When there were only satellite channels on our television, people would just wait for their favourite soap to be aired at a specific time. However, after the launch of a media service provider like Netflix and 24/7 internet facilities, people can choose when and at what time they want to have some entertainment.

So on this Leap Year, we bring you some of the most amazing new Netflix series that have created a buzz among the youth. Romance, horror, thriller and sci-fi, here are the five best Netflix series to watch on Leap Year 2020.

1. I Am Not Ok With This

Based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel, the Netflix series "I Am Not Ok With This" is a suspense thriller which tells the story of a teenage schoolgirl dealing with superpowers, sexuality adolescence, and the trauma of losing her father in a suicide. The fabulous teenager comedy-drama tops the list of best series. The first episode of the Netflix web series was aired on February 26, 2020. The role of the girl with superpowers is played by the talented Sophia Lillis.

2. Locke and Key

Unaware of the past history of Matheson, three siblings move into a house along with their mother following their father's murder. Based on the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the series has a set of magical reality-bending keys that become effective when used by Lockes. The Locke and Key web series on Netflix is a horror-thriller starring Jackson Robert Scott, Emilia Jones, Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Laysla De Oliveirawas aired on the platform on February 7, 2020.

3. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

This web series on Netflix is a comedy-drama about a teenage girl who lives with her uncle, a high school football coach. The titular character Ashley is a robotics engineer cum rocket scientist travels across the country to work for NASA. The series has garnered much attention since it was aired on February 17, 2020, on Netflix. The show is a must-watch for all sci-fi lovers.

4. Cable Girls

This period-drama web series was originally made in Spanish. It is now available on Netflix with English subtitles. The series premiered on Netflix on April 28, 2017. Based on the 1920s, the Cable Girls story revolves around four young women who get jobs in Spain's first national telephone company in Madrid. The series shows the progress being made on women gaining equality with men. The series is highly recommended for those who love to see women empowered.

5. My Holo Love

Based on romance and science fiction, this Korean web series tells the story of a lonely woman with blindness. This first episode of My Holo Love series premiered on February 7, 2020.

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