Leaked Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd Pleading With The Police Not To Shoot Him

Leaked bodycam footage shows the full arrest of George Floyd and how he was brutally beaten up by the American cops before his arrest that resulted in his death

Leaked bodycam footage shows the full arrest of George Floyd and how he was brutally beaten up by the American policemen before his arrest that resulted in his death. The footage captured the full arrest of George Floyd, whose death created a furor worldwide over police brutality and racial discrimination. The recently released footage has been published after being shown in a US court.

The footage shows a policeman named Thomas Lane approaching Floyd in a car outside Cup Foods in Minneapolis by tapping on the window with a service arm. The following minutes include Floyd being handcuffed before being led to another police car where he appears to be beaten in the back seat.

George Floyd

Floyd's Ordeal Captured on Camera

The footage is published by Daily Mail and one can clearly see how Floyd pleads for his life. The footage was reportedly shot by a bystander as former police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, causing George Floyd's death and a violent protest in several American cities.

According to CNN, the footage was available for viewing in public only and had not been available for publication anywhere else. However, the details of the horrifying death have been made public and it shows former Police office Lane approaching Floyd's car window and asking him to put his hands on the steering wheel. At this point, Floyd appears distressed as Lane has allegedly drawn his gun.

Pleading for His Life

Lane's bodycam then reveals Floyd being pulled from the car. The officers are then seen talking to bystanders. Floyd then stands up and walks across the road to the front of the Cup Foods store to another waiting police car, where they reportedly push him against the vehicle and start checking his pockets.

Protesters burning US flag
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"Please officer don't shoot me," Floyd says as the officer pushes him into the police car. He leans out of the car and tells the officers that he is scared and he is not that kind of a guy. He further weigh-in that he "is not a bad guy."

Following George Floyd's death, several protests and civil unrest erupted in Minneapolis. The local protests soon made national headlines and were received widespread attention from both national and international media. Protests continued throughout the month of June and through the very first week of July.