Leak in Tank Causes 50,000 Liters of Red Wine to Spill Out in Spain [Video]

This incident comes at the time of harvesting grapes which are the main ingredient for wine production

If you are a red wine lover and value every drop of it, what you are about to read may give you a heart attack. A red wine processing plant in Spain suffered a mini-disaster when as much as 50,000 liters of this famous drink spilled out from a leak in one of the container tanks. The incident got captured on camera and has been shared widely on social media.

The accident occurred in Villamalea, part of Albacete province in the southeastern region of Spain. This being the season for producing red wine, a very high quantity of the prized liquid was stored in the tanks of Vitivinos Wineries. Unfortunately for the company, one of their tanks developed a leakage.

Red Wine spill
Thousands of liters of red wine gushing out of container tank in Villamalea, Spain Twitter

The leakage point suddenly turned into a massive opening and thousands of liters of red wine gushed out and filled the nearby area, forming a mini wine lake. While swimming in a lake of red wine might be a fantasy of many, what happened in this instance was nothing short of a nightmare.

Bad timing

The unfortunate company that lost so much of its produce happens to be an old manufacturer which started its business in 1969. After this incident, they may have to carefully examine their vats or, completely change their storage facility and find a different way of storing the liquid.

The incident comes in the middle of the harvesting season of grapes, whose red and black varieties are used to extract juice and then set to ferment. It's not clear from media reports whether the spilled liquid was freshly drawn out of grapes or was already in an advanced stage of fermentation.

Previous instances

While this incident might come as a novelty news item to many, there have been other similar events where large quantities of alcoholic drinks got wasted.

If you think 50,000 liters are a lot, you may faint to know that this year itself, in January, 367,000 liters of cabernet sauvignon got drained into a river in California. That time also, a container tank of a vineyard had developed a leak. Wine of a different type also got spilled in massive quantities around two years ago when one container tank of a vineyard in Italy started to overflow.