'Leading from your heart' - Why Compassionate Leaders Are the Future in Business

Kate Osborne

Leading requires a certain set of skills to manage other people towards your common goal, and is a challenging task in itself, but being true, 'compassionate' leader is a trait that sets apart great leaders capable of amazing feats from your typical run-of-the-mill manager. Compassionate leaders take in the entire context of a situation, from the overarching goal of the team to each individual member's capabilities, needs and issues. Because of this, they're able to dig deeper, connect with their team and tap into their potential, bringing out performance beyond their traditionally perceived limits.

When you're working with a compassionate leader, they make you want to do better than your best. You feel valued, important, and like the outcome you're working towards is not only attainable, but it's what you deserve for yourself and your teammates. Compassionate leaders inspire greatness and share success, enriching everyone around them.

With over 20 years experience building, managing and mentoring leaders and teams, Kate Osborne is one of the most decorated coaches in Australia. Over her career, she's honed a keen sense for developing powerful leadership teams and drawing the best out from her peers, and now she focuses on creating the compassionate leaders that will impact the world of tomorrow.

Kate has won many awards in recognition of her leadership, including Westpac's 'Most Outstanding Women in Business' and Femeeconomy's 'Voice for Leadership 2019'. Her passion and success led to Kate being recruited by the world's largest business coaching company and becoming the first woman to receive the Platinum Coach status. Kate went on to manage a team of 11 elite coaches and was considered the global "coach's coach", but she grew tired of training people that she'd have no long-term impact on, and sought a path that would let her help more people while being more present and involved in guiding the next generation of coaches.

Kate found much success with the launch of Leisure Seekers, her signature program that taught Kate's own award-winning methodologies to hundreds of leaders through a series of intimate workshops that impart her unfiltered knowledge and build courage to be a successful leader. Not stopping there, Kate identified a need for a program that helps nurture teams to consistently develop scaling businesses, and went on to create KOKO Matrix; a collaborative framework designed by the best coaches and consultants to ensure a smooth scaling experience for its clients.

Kate is always leading from the heart, doing her best to inspire greatness in her colleagues, clients and students with the hope that they too will carry these values forward with them. Kate speaks at conferences and networking events, encouraging leaders to build strong, collaborative communities and sharing her passion for developing successful teams with strong core values.

"The skills to be a better leader also has a knock-on effect in the home by teaching us how to be better people," explains Kate. "I not only want to produce great leaders, I've already made plenty of them. I want to aid in building happy, healthy, enlightened millionaires. The type of successful person who will then pass that on and raise up the next generation of compassionate leaders."

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