Leading Travel Photographer Manish Baser portrays varied culture through his clicks

Manish Baser

In today's hustling world, when stress and pressure have embraced every individual, it becomes hard to pursue one's passion. However, there are few personalities who inspire by not letting any excuses hinder their way to success. Manish Baser is one of them. He is a well-known travel photographer who didn't let his corporate job come in the way of pursuing his passion. From Switzerland to New Zealand, and Iceland to Italy, this passionate photographer keeps scratching off destinations from his bucket list one by one. Manish has already been featured in famous global houses like Nat Geo India, Kerala Tourism, and Forbes Travel Guide among others.

The world is a valley of cultural variety and deep-rooted artistic expressions. Staying true to that, the world keeps producing photographers like Manish who are rooted in the diversity of culture along with seeking inspiration from various sources. Manish believes that a picture without a story is just a superficial representation. For him, photography is a form of expression. Through his clicks, Manish tries to learn and display as much of culture as he could. He motivates his fans and followers to explore more. He says that cultural beauty lies at unexplored unexpected places. Manish portrays varied cultural perspectives through his photographs. Cultural Photography for him is more of an experience and knowledge that he distributes through his clicks.

Born and brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Manish has been a lively soul since childhood. He is an IIT graduate engineer and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has always believed in investing his best in whatever he does. Whether it is studies, career, passion for life, Manish has aced in every parameter. He has mastered everything he opted for. Not even 12 years of a high profile corporate job stopped him from becoming a world-class travel photographer. To rule both the aspects of life is not everyone's cup of tea.

He was always inclined towards travel and photography, which inspired him to wander through the lengths and breadths of India, covering every nook and corner of the nation. Later on, he started to travel globally to satisfy his wanderlust. Manish has traveled around various countries across the world.

Manish has an active Instagram Handle with 23k+ followers. His fans cherish his art and talent immensely. People await every new post. He always has something extraordinary to offer that keeps his fans awe-struck. Manish is a true inspiration for young and enthusiastic minds who bury their passion in busy corporate lives. He uplifts not only through his clicks but also through his journey.