LCMS Token Listed on Binance-Owned CoinMarketCap (CMC)

LCMS Token

In a milestone reflecting the LCMS Platform's growing significance, the LCMS coin has been listed by one of the world's top-rated crypto trackers, CoinMarketCap (CMS).

LCMS Listing at CoinMarketCap

Traders and platform users can, beginning Mar 31, track the LCMS token's performance and even compare it to other coins and tokens listed on the platform.

There are over 5,000 unique blockchain projects, each serving and providing solutions in a specific niche. To simplify the task of monitoring and gauging these tokens' performance, CMC offers a practicable and easy-to-use solution.

Founded in 2013, the CMC has grown to become the world's leading crypto price-tracking website attracting billions of visitors every year. To quantify their reach, CMC ended 2018 with 3.6 billion page views.

The site aims to make cryptocurrencies more discoverable. One trusted means of ensuring this comes to pass is by providing retailers with unbiased, high-quality, and accurate information.
Armed with accurate data, they can proceed to make informed choices either on trading on investing.

Listing at Bithumb Global
Notably, the listing at CoinMarketCap is a few days after the token listing on Bithumb Global. According to CMC data, the cryptocurrency exchange is one of the world's most liquid and secure.

The exchange facilitates the trading of $190 million of various cryptocurrencies, supporting 299 projects.

From CMC's data, the LCMS token currently trades at over $0.20, registering average daily trading volumes of over $65k. At spot valuations, the token's influence continues to rise. There are two main markets for the LCMS token.

Presently, traders can swap the LCMS token for USDT either at Bithumb Global or Digifinex. Like Bithumb, the exchange is liquid and secure, posting on average over $1.7 billion in trading volumes daily.

Pairing LCMS with USDT is Beneficial

A significant boost for an investor is the pairing with USDT—the world's most liquid stablecoin with a market cap of over $36 billion.

Tether (USDT), unlike other stablecoin, is available at Ethereum and several other smart contracting networks.

First issued on Omni, the USDT stablecoin primes the Ethereum network, enabling users to confidently ride on USD's reserve currency status compliantly and confidently.
In a recent Assurance Opinion from Morgan Moore, USDT, a token that users can purchase without steep KYC requirements, is fully backed. Accordingly, the token isn't a systemic risk. Users worldwide can purchase the LCMS token assured that the stablecoin is liquid and correctly pegged.

Furthermore, diversity is critical, especially for their growing community and social followers. Listing at these two exchanges opens up more opportunities for the LCMS token. At the same time, there is more exposure for the project that's currently building but encouragingly adhering to their milestones.

Through Digifinex and Bithumb Global, other token holders can swap leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum for USDT. Aforementioned, with USDT at hand, they can trade for LCMS cheaply and instantaneously.

Binance owns CMC

In 2021, the LCMS Platform plans to list in at least ten international exchanges. The CMC platform is owned by Binance, the world's most liquid exchange and the largest by client count.
In a 2020 deal, Binance acquired CMC for a record $400 million in cash and equity. The founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, said CMC had the "users" and was a "very valuable" platform. The exchange will use the tracker as their marketing funnel, but CMC will operate independently.
All projects listed on CMC must be vetted. Therefore, by listing on the exchange, CMC confirmed that the LCMS Platform is sound and has a value proposition.

At the same time, the LCMS token is liquid. As such, there is no discounting the possibility of Binance listing LCMS in the future.