Laverne Cox Reacts to Being Mistaken for Beyonce at the US open

Actress Laverne Cox, who was mistaken for Beyonce at US open, turned to her social media page to share her reaction.

Some Beyonce fans thought they spotted the 'Naughty Girl' hitmaker in the crowd at the 2022 US Open, but it was actually the four-time Emmy-nominated actress.

The 50-year-old star was sitting in the stands in an all-black dress and a matching black face mask in New York City. She was at the match to cheer on Serena Williams, who is playing in her final US Open before her retirement from tennis.

After her name and Beyonce trended on Twitter, Cox, who is the first transgender person to be on the cover of Time magazine, shared her reaction on her Instagram handle.

She took to her Instagram and while sharing series of funny tweets she wrote, "Not me getting mistaken for @Beyonce at the #USOpen tonight then trending on Twitter as the Internet cackles over the mistaken identity. These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!! Go @serenawilliams #GOAT #SerenaWilliams #Beyonce."

The Daytime Emmy winner's followers joked that she had them "fooled," gushing, "You DESERVE! You had [the] queen's essence radiating from behind the mask."

Cox went viral earlier that day as footage showed her cheering for Serena Williams in a black face mask and silver hoop earrings.

The confusion began when a Twitter user shared the video, writing, "Beyonce at the #USOpen."

One fan clarified, "The fact that this is Laverne Cox has me screaming." Another noted, "Baby this is Laverne Cox."

This began after a Twitter user named Choni shared a short clip of Cox from the middle of the audience. "#Beyonce at the #USOpen," Choni wrote alongside the footage. Shortly after, people corrected him, noting that it was actually Laverne.

"Baby. That's Laverne Cox," movie director Angel Lenise quote-retweeted Choni's post.

Another user tweeted, "Laverne Cox right now," adding a GIF of a woman smiling with a caption that read, "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyonce."

A few hours later, Choni issued a statement after mistaking Laverne for Beyonce.

He wrote, "I'm starting to think that my mix up of @Lavernecox and @Beyonce at the #USOpen my actually be ok.. I'll give it twenty four hours to see. I think it may actually be a compliment. 'We gone see.'"