The thick stream of lava from Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island, which has been erupting since May, has finally reached the ocean after completing six-mile journey.

The lava flowed from the east side of the Kilauea Volcano and crept into the surrounding forest areas, said the U.S. Geological Survey.

Though authorities have confirmed that the lava poses no threat to any towns, but a caution notice has been issued and tourists have been asked to keep their distance.

"None of the lava flows currently pose a threat to communities but are being monitored closely," the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Earlier, on Thursday an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred beneath the volcano's south flank. The federal agency said, "seismicity within the volcano remains at a low level."

Despite strong warnings, people could be seen near the lava flow, clicking pictures and enjoy the spectacle.