Lauren Tsai and Hadley Robinson will star in Amy Poechler's 'Moxie' for Netflix

Amy Poehler gets Hadley Robinson and Lauren Tsai on board for her new directorial venture named "Moxie"

Lauren Tsai
Lauren Tsai. Twitter/Lauren Tsai

Lauren Tsai and Hadley Robinson are ready to star in Amy Poehler's latest directorial movie "Moxie" for the online entertainment giant Netflix.

This will be the online streaming platform's original film which will serve as the second directorial feature outing for Amy Poehler. The film is based on Jennifer Mathieu's book which is titled the same.

The production of the film will be done via 'Paper Kite' production company. It had already produced a Netflix hit series like the 'Russian Doll'. Along with Poehler, the film "Moxie" will be produced by Morgan Sackett and Kim Lessing.

"Moxie" penned by Tamara Chestna (after) will tell the story of a young feminist girl (Robinson), who is from a small town. She is totally inspired by her mother's disturbing past and starts a feminist revolution at an early age during high school.

To know the whole story and plot we need to wait for the film to complete its shooting which is scheduled to begin later this month.

Robinson is a rising star who is working for the upcoming Amazon series, Utopia and will also appear in Sony's Little Women remake directed by Greta Gerwig. The actress recently completed a turn in HBO's pilot Showtime in which she plays a young Jeanie Buss.

Whereas, Laurene Tsai starred in the Japanese reality series, Terrace House: Aloha State and recently made her acting debut on the third season of FX's Legion.

"Moxie" is Poehler's second feature as a director because she has previously helmed Wine Country, also a Netflix production, in which the American actress also starred along with Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and Ana Gasteyer.

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